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How to Find the Perfect Electric Lawnmower at Argos

Argos is well-known to those individuals who would like to purchase different types of electric lawnmowers to keep their yards healthy and gorgeous. Doing this makes it possible to compare and contrast different mowers with different features to establish the most suitable mower to use. Here in this guide, we will discuss about the types of electric lawnmowers available for you at Argos, their cutting systems, and the impacts on the environment to help you find the best lawnmower for giving your lawn the perfect look.

Types of Electric Lawnmowers available at Argos

  • Corded Electric Lawnmowers: Corded models operate at a constant level of power due to the use of a power cable connected to a socket. They do not require battery recharging hence providing the client with continued mowing that is ideal for large yards. Still, it restricts the movement due to the cable length and may demand an extension cable for big spaces.
  • Cordless Electric Lawnmowers: The cordless models are run on rechargeable batteries so that they do not impose many restrictions of cords. They are perfect for navigating and turning around in an area which has some objects and for getting to otherwise hard to reach areas of the garden. However, their operation is battery-driven, and thus require recharging for long coverage on the lawn, mostly due to lawn size.

Alternatives available on Amazon


Flymo Speedi-Mo 360VC Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, 1500W, 36cm Cutting Width, 40 L Grass Box,...

  • Utilises a powerful 1500 W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease.
  • A 36cm cutting width and 20-60 mm cutting height ensures a neat and tidy finish to your lawn.
  • Equipped with a large, easy to empty 40 Litre grassbox, meaning you spend less time emptying
  • It’s 12 m cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around your garden area, without the need to worry about reach.
  • This lightweight lawnmower floats on a cushion of air, making it highly manoeuvrable for your ease-of-use.

Bosch 06008A6071 Electric Lawnmower ARM 3200 (1200 W, Cutting Width: 32 cm, with Additional Blade...

  • The ARM 3200 lawnmower – the powerful all-purpose lawnmower
  • Offers three cutting height settings (20 - 40 - 60 mm), while the innovative grass comb enables close-to-edge mowing along walls,...
  • The large 31-litre grass box requires less emptying, while the powerful 1200 W motor ensures effortless mowing, even with tall grass
  • Easy to handle and transport thanks to its low weight of just 9.0 kg
  • Scope of supply Amazon Edition: ARM 3200, additional blade, carton packaging

Flymo Hover Vac 250 Electric Hover Collect Lawn Mower - 1400W, 25cm Cutting Width, 15L Grass Box,...

  • Compact and lightweight, this hover mower is ideally designed for smaller gardens so you can mow your lawn in comfort
  • Utilises a 1400 W motor so you can tackle gentle slopes and bumpy gardens with ease
  • Comes with a 25 cm cutting width and 11-31 mm cutting height, as well as a 15 Litre grass box to ensure a neat and tidy finish to your...
  • Equipped with a 10 m cable so you can cover the length of your lawn without an extension cable
  • Supplied with a metal cutting blade for premium cutting performance

Hyundai HYM3800E 1600W 230V Corded Electric Rotary Lawnmower With Rear Roller, 38cm Cutting Width,...

  • Hyundai’s Powerful 1600W Electric Lawn Mower: The Lightweight and Durable Electric Lawnmower Is Perfectly Suited For All Small To...
  • Innovative Cutting: The 38cm Cutting Width Coupled With The Leading Grass Comb On The Outer Edges Of the Deck Allow You To Cut Right...
  • Quick Release Grass Collection Box: The Large 40L Grass Collection Box Means The Time Spent Emptying The Grass Is Hugely Reduced,...
  • Striped Lawn Finish: Hyundai’s Corded Electric Lawnmower Is Equipped With A Rear Roller & Low Cut Settings Which Allows You To...
  • Lawn Care: Features A Mulching Functionality Which Can Easily Be Adapted With The Quick Release Mulching Plug- Mulching Allows You To...

GardenTek 15"/38cm Corded Electric 1600w/230v Roller Mulching Lawn Mower, 5 Cutting Heights, 40l...

  • 380mm cutting width: The lawn mower is ideal for medium-sized lawns
  • Rear roller mower: Get that traditional British striped lawn
  • 5 grass cutting heights: Tailor your lawn finish to your specifications
  • Weighs just 12.5kg: Features a lightweight and durable chassis
  • Eco-friendly mulching option: Drops fine grass clippings for a greener, healthier lawn

ToolTronix Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 1000w Turbo Drive Motor 30 cm Steel Blade, Air-Lift Grass...

  • Turbo Drive motor: Experience unparalleled lawn care with Tooltronix's innovative Turbo Drive technology, ensuring consistent blade...
  • Experience effortless lawn care with our 1000W Mower featuring a powerful Turbo Drive motor and a durable 30cm steel blade. With three...
  • Introducing our innovative lawn care solution featuring Air-Lift grass collection technology. With its compact design, maneuvering...
  • 10m Cable with BS Plug: This convenient 10-meter cable comes equipped with a BS plug, offering hassle-free operation for mowing small...
  • Specifications: 1000 watt electric rotary motor, 10m Cable with BS plug included, Metal Steel blade 30cm blade width, 3 cutting...

Einhell 1600W Electric Lawn Mower - 37cm Cutting Width, 38L Large Capacity Grass Box, 5 Cutting...

  • VERSATILE LAWNMOWER: The electric lawn mower GC-EM 1600/37 is light and manoeuvrable with a cutting width of 37cm (14.5 Inch). An ideal...
  • POWERFUL GRASS CUTTING MACHINE: The high-quality rotary blade cuts through grass easily and the 1600W electric motor delivers high...
  • PERFECT RESULTS EVERYTIME: Thanks to the 5-stage single-wheel cutting height adjustment (20 to 60mm), the lawn height can be cut just...
  • GERMAN DESIGN AT ITS BEST: The high-quality impact-resistant plastic housing is built to last. Due to the foldable guide bar, the...
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: Einhell Garden Tools come with a 2-Year warranty as standard with an extra 1 Year available on registration

Bosch Home and Garden Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, 20-70 mm...

  • A large-capacity, 40-litre grass box reduces interruptions for emptying
  • Note: Front 2 Wheels are attached to the product and the back 2 wheels can be found in the back cover of the mower
  • Note Comes with double folded handle not the double handle. Wheels included in the grass box

BLACK+DECKER BEMW351-GB 1000W 32cm Electric Rotary Mower

  • Compact, lightweight 32 cm deck electric rotary mower that is ideal for smaller gardens and lawns up to 250m2
  • Powered by a 1000W motor and with 35 litre grass box for quick and effortless grass cutting
  • 3 different cutting positions from 20-60 mm allowing flexibility depending on lawn condition and individual preferences
  • 2 stage safety start feature to prevent from unintentional start-up of the mower
  • 10m long cable to allow mowing across the length of the garden without the need for extension leads

Murray Corded Electric Lawnmower 2-in-1 - Compact Lawn Mower 1200W/32cm with Grass Box 27L for Small...

  • High-Performance Motor - The Murray LE320 is powered by a robust 1200W electric motor with overload protection. This guarantees...
  • Versatile Cutting Options - Boasting a 2-in-1 functionality, you can choose between using the grass collection box or a rear discharge,...
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights - Tailor your mowing with 3-level cutting height control ranging from 25 to 65 mm. This feature ensures your...
  • Efficient Grass Collection - Grass Cutter comes with a high-capacity 27-litre grass collection box. This ensures fewer interruptions...
  • Durable and Lightweight - Crafted with a durable plastic deck that offers increased protection against potential damage. Weighing only...

Cutting Mechanisms

  • Rotary Blade System: Cylinder or rotary lawnmowers consist of horizontally placed blades that work by rotating in a circular manner and cutting the grass. This mechanism is very flexible, it can handle different type and different length of grasses. However, it may provide less accurate cuts than the cylinder blade systems do and is unable to achieve smooth and accurate cuts.
  • Cylinder Blade System: Cylinder blade systems are vertically placed cylindrical blades that move in a rotary motion to cut alike scissors but in a more precise manner. They are particularly suitable for cutting fine grasses that have been trimmed for a neat look but can be slower on tall and rough varieties.

Additional Features

  • Cutting Width: It is the size of the area that a lawnmower can cover at one time or the space that can be mowed in one pass. Mowers with wider cutting widths are beneficial, especially when working on large areas as they take less time to complete a task.
  • Height Adjustment: The height control also enables users to set the cutting height depending on personal preference or the preferred height of the lawn. A well groomed and neat lawn that is closely shaved to create a smart look, to a thick velvet lawn that is cut just a little less during hot weather to allow the grass to grow thicker.
  • Grass Collection: Most electric lawnmowers have grass collection bags or boxes within the device to hold clippings as they mow. Depending on the size of such collection systems, the size of the bags could differ as well; larger bags can be taken less often and are more convenient to use.

Power Sources

  • Battery Power: Cordless electric mowers are mobile and have the ability to be operated without the limitations of cords which allow them to be easily maneuvered over obstacles and to reach parts of the garden that are not easily accessible. But, their running time is limited in this aspect due to battery power, which means that for long lawn mowing sessions, they have to recharge.
  • Corded Power: Corded electric lawnmowers use electricity derived from a power outlet via a cord attached to the machine. As they provide an unintermittent mowing session the mobility is restricted by the cord length; one has to navigate with caution and might even need to plug in an extension cord in case of large yards.

Environmental Considerations

  • Energy Efficiency: Specifically, electric lawnmowers are less costly to run than the gas versions, therefore, they are environmentally friendly. Choosing an energy efficient model from Argos ensures the utility of the limited energy resources while maintaining a well manicured lawn.
  • Noise Levels: Electric lawnmowers are silent when in operation than their gasoline counterparts and therefore are more ideal especially when used within residential compound that may be restricted by laws on the amount of noise that can be produced within a given compound. Low noise reduces the amount of disturbance that comes with the use of the machines, both to the operators and their surrounding environments.
  • Emissions: While using electric lawnmowers, no emissions are released into the air as compared to the petrol lawnmowers which are a plus for health conscious users and the environment. This way, users of electric lawnmowers can reduce on the impact they make on the environment when undertaking gardening activities.

Maintenance and Durability

  • Blade Maintenance: Maintenance of blades involves sharpening or replacing the blades depending on the level of wearing, this helps in cutting well and increasing the lifespan of the mower. Mowing practices aim at ensuring that the mower remains efficient and effective throughout its functional period.
  • General Maintenance: Mowing the lawn involves certain activities that include cleaning of grass clippings and any debris after use and also ensuring that the mower is stored in a dry and protected area to reduce chances of corrosion and reduce the mower’s lifespan. It is recommended that all the maintenance activities are carried out strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent hitches in the subsequent seasons of operation.
  • Warranty and Durability: Self propelled electric mowers come with different warranty packages that can assure the buyer against any possible defects or malfunctioning of the mower. Furthermore, selecting a long-lasting model made of strong material increases the product’s lifetime and guarantees it will work at optimal capacity throughout the time of use.

Price Range and Affordability

  • Budget-Friendly Options: First-tier electric lawnmowers provide only essential features for comparatively low costs, thus appealing to price-sensitive customers. As with most non-advanced models, these models offer efficiency when used in small to medium-sized lawns.
  • Mid-Range Options: As for mid range electric lawnmowers, these are designed for users who want a more advanced capability machine at a more reasonable price. There are numerous models that range in cutting width, power source, and extra features to fit different lawn mowing requirements.
  • Premium Options: Professional electric lawnmowers use technology, comfortable design, and expensive materials to deliver the best quality and long-lasting performance. Although these models are slightly more expensive, they provide better control, speed, and comfort for the gardener that demands top quality.

Explore Customer Reviews and Ratings for Electric Lawnmowers at Argos

  • Importance of Customer Feedback: Online reviews and ratings can be particularly helpful in identifying the overall efficiency, durability and usability of the electric lawnmowers. This way, the consumers strengthen the idea that they are the main driving force of a particular brand, and potential buyers can make the right decision and choose the right model.
  • Summarization of Praises and Criticisms: Praise for the electric lawnmowers includes; they are easy to use, environmental friendly and noiseless. However, criticisms may be based on the battery life, when the performance of the device is cut on some grass types, or durability. Prospective buyers can easily weigh up the pros and cons of any model and come to an informed decision about which model is best suited for their needs.


Argos has various electric lawnmowers thus providing a variety of options that suit each customer’s needs, pocket and lawns. Depending on the preference of the client, be it cordless flexibility, accuracy or environmental concern, there is a model to suit the purpose. Taking into account these factors such as cutting mechanisms, power sources, and additional features, it is possible to make a correct decision about acquiring the appropriate electric lawnmower that will ensure the required aesthetics in the lawn and complement your outdoor living environment. Visit Argos today and get to know about their selection of electric lawnmowers and make the first step towards enjoying the outdoor space and caring for the environment.

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