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How to find the best fence sprayers available at Argos

If you are a homeowner who is keen on keeping your compound in the best condition, then a fence sprayer is something you need. Whether you are painting your garden fence to give it a new look or to protect it from harsh weather conditions, it is important to select the right sprayer. Argos is one of the largest home and garden products retailer and they have a variety of fence sprayers available. In this article, we will discuss the various fence sprayers available at Argos, factors to consider when choosing a fence sprayer, customer reviews and ratings, comparison with other stores, and why Argos is the best place to buy a fence sprayer.

Types of Fence Sprayers Available at Argos

  • Manual: Manual fence sprayers are one of the oldest methods of applying treatments and coatings to fences. These models usually have a pump system that needs to be operated by hand to create pressure. Manual models may be slightly more difficult to use than electric or battery-powered sprayers, but they are usually cheaper and do not need electricity. They are suitable for small scale applications or where power from the grid or batteries may not be easily available.
  • Electric: Powered electric fence sprayers are convenient to use and are ideal for large areas and frequent use. These are fitted with an electric motor that delivers constant pressure for the right application of treatments. They are usually more effective than manual sprayers and do not need much effort to be applied. Electric fence sprayers are ideal for use with water-soluble and oil-soluble solutions, which makes them suitable for a wide range of fence maintenance applications.
  • Cordless: Cordless models are still electric that are powered by batteries. These sprayers are battery operated and this means that you can move around with the equipment without having to look for a power source. Portable electric sprayers are ideal for small and big projects since they are easy to use and lightweight. They are usually fitted with some form of control mechanism that enables the user to regulate the angle and intensity of the spray for the purpose of administering treatments.

Factors to consider when choosing a fence sprayer at Argos

Size and Type of Project The size of the project is an important factor that determines the amount of funding that is required for the project.

When choosing a fence sprayer, it is important to determine the size and the kind of work you are going to undertake. In small areas or where one needs to make spot repairs, a manual sprayer may be adequate. But if the fence is large or used frequently, then an electric or battery operated sprayer would be more effective.

  • Power Source Preference: Choose between the type of sprayer that is powered manually, electrically or by batteries. Manual models are ideal for those who do not mind using a lot of energy, while the electric and battery operated sprayers are convenient to use.
  • Budget: It is important to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on the fence sprayer. Manual operated models are cheaper than the electric and battery operated sprayers though the latter may be more convenient and have more features.
  • Additional Features: Consider other features like the ability to control the spray, the comfort of the product, and its compatibility with other treatments. These features can improve the efficiency and functionality of the sprayer for your particular use.
  • Availability of Accessories and Parts: Make sure that accessories and spare parts are easily available. It is also important to have compatible accessories and parts for the sprayer so that you can easily maintain and even increase the lifespan of the equipment.

Alternatives available on Amazon


WAGNER Fence & Decking paint sprayer for fences, sheds, decking or garden furniture, covers 5 m² in...

  • Suitable for all Standard solvent or water based fence paint, oil, stain, varnish, wood preservatives and treatment - no need for...
  • For small to medium projects such as garden furniture, fences, sheds, deckings
  • Continuous regulation of material volume ensures precise painting
  • Detachable gun to quickly and easily change attachment, the paint, refill or clean the gun
  • 3-way adjustable paint jet can be adapted ideally to the object to be painted

INGCO Corded Paint Sprayer 450W 400ml/min, Fence Paint Sprayer 800ml Detachable Container, HVLP...

  • Function: maximum flow rate: 400ml/min; spraying pressure: 0.1-0.2 Bar; stepless speed regulation, convenient to use; container...
  • Precise spray & pattern control: The spray gun has three different spray shapes that can be adjusted( horizontal / vertical /circular)....
  • Material: Pure copper nozzle and core are not easy to rust.The air inlet's dustproof sponge and the efficient cooling hole effectively...
  • Wide application: Spray gun can be used for spraying wall paint, spraying furniture,garden watering,etc. It can be used for different...
  • What you will get: 1x Corded Spray Gun, 1x Viscosity Measuring Cup, 1x Nozzle Cleaning Needle, 3x Copper Spray Nozzles, 2 x Filtered...

Ronseal RSLPPFS PPFS Precision Pump Fence Sprayer - Green

  • The Ronseal Precision Finish Fence Sprayer has 2 settings for greater accuracy and speed. Both settings provide long lasting...
  • Both settings provide long lasting performance
  • Easy to use
  • 2 settings for greater accuracy and speed.
  • Handy product level indicator.

Spear & Jackson 5 Litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

  • Note: The customer should ensure all fittings are tightly secured before use.. Fully adjustable wand nozzle from spray to mist,...
  • Translucent graduated bottle in litres and fluid ounces for accuracy when filling or mixing within the bottle
  • 5 litre pump action pressure sprayer with pressure release valve and shoulder strap
  • Use with water and non viscous water based or soluble products including pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers
  • 560 mm watering wand/lance and 1.3 m hose for use in awkward or inaccessible places created using spot IIDP

Electric Paint Sprayer, Fence Paint Sprayer, Paint Sprayers for Fencing and Decking, Spray Gun...

  • 【3 Spraying Modes】The spray gun can be set to 3 different spraying modes: 1.5mm/2.5mm/3mm nozzle, circular 45°, horizontal 90°,...
  • 【1000ml Large Capacity】The container has a capacity of 800ml. The wall spraying speed of the sprayer is 8 times faster than the...
  • 【Finger Pressure Design】Easy to use, the best use distance of the spray gun is 3-20 cm, keep the distance between the spray guns...
  • 【Easy To Clean】One-button disassembly, nozzles can be quickly replaced, and the gun body can be quickly disassembled for cleaning....
  • 【Widely Used】It is suitable for spraying thin materials, such as stains, sealants, polyurethane and paint, painting tables, chairs,...

Cuprinol Manual Pump Fence Sprayer

  • Fast and easy way to colour and protect wood
  • Easy to use manual pump
  • Continuous, controllable spray
  • Treats fence panels in 5 minutes
  • 3 year guarantee

5 Litre Multiuse Pressure Pump Sprayer Adjustable Nozzles for Garden Fence Shed Spraying Fertilizers...

  • Capacity: The bottle has a capacity of 5 liters (5L), which provides ample liquid storage for your spraying needs. This allows you to...
  • Easy to hold and carry: The design of the spray bottle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to handle it with ease during spraying.
  • Adjustable spray velocity: The nozzle of the bottle allows you to adjust the velocity of the spray. This feature enables you to control...
  • Versatile uses: The spray bottle is suitable for a variety of applications. You can use it to spray water for general gardening...
  • Shoulder strap included: The bottle comes with a shoulder strap, which makes it convenient to carry around, especially when you have to...

Kingfisher PSFENCE 5 Litre Fence Pressure Sprayer - Green

  • Available with trigger spray lance shoulder strap
  • Pressure release valve
  • 5L fence pressure sprayer
  • Convenient method of treating exterior timber sheds and fences
  • Brand : Kingfisher

HYCHIKA Paint Sprayer, 600W HVLP Electric Paint Sprayer, 1200ML Tank 4 Nozzles and 2 Cleaning Tools,...

  • Powerful Motor HVLP Spray Gun: HYCHIKA paint sprayer with 600W pure copper motor, HVLP technology for good atomisation, environmentally...
  • 3 Patterns & 4 Nozzles: Paint sprayer can be adjusted to 3 spray patterns (circular, horizontal, vertical) to suit the shape of the...
  • Flow Adjustable Design: Electric paint sprayer provide precise spraying output by adjusting the flow control knob (Max.flow rate:...
  • Easy to Use & Clean: Paint sprayer can be disassembled, cleaning needle and brush can unclog the paint residue in the machine and...
  • What You Get: 1x paint sprayer, 1x 1200ml container, 4x spray nozzles (1.5mm/1.8mm/2.2mm/2.6mm), 1x viscosity cup, 1x cleaning needle,...

Bosch Cordless Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer EasySpray 18V-100 (Without Battery, 18 Volt System, for...

  • Easy and intuitive spraying: Cordless spray system for wood and metal painting
  • Lightweight and ergonomic: Lightest cordless spray system due to separation of spray and blower unit
  • Convenient painting: Comfortable and continuous EasySelect paint volume control with adjustable spray pattern (horizontal / vertical /...
  • Part of the POWER4ALL Alliance: Compatible with the powerful exchangeable 18V lithium-ion battery from Bosch HG, that also works with...
  • Scope of supply: EasySpray 18V-100, shoulder strap, cleaning brush, carton packaging

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Importance of Customer Feedback: This is because customer feedback is very important when it comes to making a decision on which fence sprayer to purchase. The use of reviews and ratings gives information on the efficiency, durability, and satisfaction of a given product.
  • Summary of the Ratings and Reviews of Fence Sprayers at Argos: Argos has a number of fence sprayers that are available in the market and each of them has its own characteristics. Analyzing the opinions of customers and their ratings, you can determine the advantages and disadvantages of various sprayers.

Some of the most frequent topics and concerns that customers raise are as follows

Some of the frequently mentioned aspects by customers are the simplicity of the sprayers, their sturdiness and efficiency. Some of the positive comments include the ability to adjust the spray pattern, the comfort of the grip, and the reliability of the product. Some of the concerns that negative reviews may raise include leakage, blockage, or poor coverage.

Comparison with Competitors

Other Retailers Selling Fence Sprayers: Other stores where one can find fence sprayers include home improvement stores, garden centers, and online stores apart from Argos. Every store may have a different range of sprayers with different specifications and costs.

Price Comparison, Features, and Customer Feedback: When choosing between the different products, compare the price, the features, and the reviews of the customers. Some of the things that you should look at include warranty, return policy, and the reputation of the company’s customer service.

Unique Selling Points of Fence Sprayers at Argos

Argos is a perfect place to buy fence sprayers because it offers a great choice of products, reasonable prices, and easy purchase. The choice is between online shopping and shopping at a physical store, which means that you can take your time and compare the sprayers to find the best one for you.


In conclusion, Argos provides a wide variety of fence sprayers to meet every need and price range when it comes to choosing the right one. When it comes to choosing between a manual, electric or battery operated sprayer, Argos has a wide range of options to choose from. Some of the factors that you should consider include the size of the project, the power source, the cost, and the feedback from the customers to ensure that you select the right sprayer for the maintenance of your fence. When you choose Argos as your source of a fence sprayer, you are sure to have a well-maintained yard for many years.

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