10 Best growing bags

Check our comparative guide of best growing bags. If you want to know what people buy the most when they search: “growing bag”, you are on the right page. In the ranking below, you will find products that most consumers prefer at the moment.

Our ranking table includes products mainly from Amazon due to the wide range they offer, but it is possible to have links to Argos, Homebase, B&Q, Wickes, and lesser-known gardening websites in the UK.

Which are the best growing bags?


Plant Grow Bags - 5 Pack | 5 Gallon Breathable Nonwoven Fabric Soft Sided Aerating Growing Pots | Garden Potato Fruit Vegetable & Flower Planter Bags | M&W

  • GROW - Prevent plant roots from entanglement and circling by using these breathable fabric bags. They ensure roots grow quicker and healthier by allowing the soil to aerate, unlike traditional plant pots.
  • QUALITY - Made from 260gsm fabric the grow bags are tough and durable. Attached are 2 easy-carry handles so you can pick up and move the plant without any risk of spilt soil or damaged crops.
  • BREATHABLE - The non-woven fabric allows the passing of fresh air through the soil and roots, boasting greater root structure and improves the plants growth and yield. This also keeps your plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • 5 GALLON - 25(H) x 30(D)cm
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE - This pack of Maison & White Grow Bags come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

LATERN 4Pcs 8 Gallons Plant Growing Bags, Rectangular Nonwoven Fabric Breathable Grow Bags Heavy Duty Thickened Root Aeration Garden Pots Container with Straps Handles, for Flowers Vegetables

  • [High quality] Made of high-quality 300G non-woven fabric, heavy duty and durable, wear-resistant, highly tear-resistant, no need to worry about pots chipping or breaking, easy to clean, can be repeatedly up to 8 years
  • [Root breathable] Non-woven growing bag has better drainage mechanism, to prevent root rot caused by excessive watering, and breathable, to promote healthy root growth
  • [Easy to transplant] Reinforced nylon handles make these outdoor plant pots easy to move, decreased the risk of transplant shock, easy to fold and store, and can be used for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • [Size] 50cm x 30cm x 20cm(L x W x H), capacity: 8 gallons (30 liters), have a larger horizontal planting area, perfect for growing potatoes, taro, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and other vegetables
  • [Applicable] Widely used in the development of young plants and seeds, to help them grow quickly and improve the survival rate. Suitable for balcony garden, greening works, home furnishings, home gardening, shopping malls, nursery nurturing and hotel, etc.

Ram 4 Pack 7 Gallon Potato Grow Bag set. Garden Plant Bags for potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and other Vegetables. Made in Green Polyethylene Complete

  • The Ram 4 Pack Potato Vegetable Growing Bags,
  • 7 Gallons
  • Pack of 4
  • Waterproof UV resistant

ZhaoCo Potato Grow Bags 5 Pack, 3 Gallon/ 5 Gallon/ 7 Gallon/ 10 Gallon Reusable Durable Breathable Non-Woven Fabric Pots Garden Growing Containers for Vegetables Flowers Plants Fruits - 3 Gallon

  • 【Sturdy Grow Bags】5 Pack Plant Bags, 3 Gallon (11 L) - 25cm (D) x 22cm (H); they are made of a kind of heavy duty felt fabric which is porous to allow the water to pass, they are non-toxic, biodegradable, environmental, friendly, washable, breathable, lightweight, durable, it is not easy to broke like traditional ceramic and glass pots
  • 【Great Planting Sacks】It allows the roots to extend freely and prevents root circling, produces more oxygen, penetrates excess water quickly, and creates a stable breathable and healthier planting and growing environment, provide better soil aeration, which makes the soil is loose and optimally moistened, no water logging
  • 【Easy to Move】These plant bags are lightweight and have two good strong handles on the tops that makes them easy to move it around the garden, balcony, patio, porch or sunroom according to your personal preferences
  • 【Use It for Years】When the season is over you can flat pack them, give them a wash, store them without taking up much space at all and reused next year, also it can be used as storage bags too, such as putting the dirty clothes, storing the toys etc
  • 【Wide Application】You can nurture different plants like potatoes, tomatoes carrots chillies onion strawberry garlic spuds sweetcorn peppers vegetables flowers plants herbs fruits main crops and suitable for different places such as patios, small gardens, balconies, terrace, greenhouse, shopping malls, hotel and any indoor or outdoor space

Maylove Potato Grow Bags Aeration Non-woven Fabric Pots Plant Bags w/Handles Garden Vegetable Growing Bags with 50 Pcs Plant Seedling Bags (Black Color, 3pack - 10Gallon)

  • Eco-friendly Material: 3 Pack Potato Grow Bag is made of high quality breathable nonwoven fabric which is non-toxic and biodegradable,heavy duty & durable; Aeration Fabric Pots allow roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth and yields.reusable for time-after-time and season-after-season.
  • Improve Root Structure:Prevents roots from circling and improve overall root structure,Decreased risk of transplant shock; Breathable fabric automatically percolate excess water,better than Plastic Containers.Reinforced handles for easy movement.
  • Clever Design: The Potato grow bag has been designed with a visualization velcro window, through which you not only can check whether your plant (pototao)is mature or not but also easily harvest your plants through the window without damaging it.
  • Warmer & Cooler: Keeps plants warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Package & 100% Customer Satisfication:Package include 3 Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags and 50 Pieces Seedling bags;Mayloveis committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.If you're not satisfied with the grow bag for any reason, please let us know. We will provide you with the lifetime after-sales service!Look forward to your harvest this year and in the future!ღ

WAIZHIUA 6Pcs Plant Grow Bags 5 Gallon Breathable Nonwoven Fabric Plant Growing Bags Garden Pots Planter Bags Containers with Handles for Vegetables Flowers Herbs Potato Tomato Carrot Strawberry

  • [High Quality] Plant grow bags are made of high quality non-woven fabric, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, lightweight and durable, not easy to age, chipping and break, reusable for many years
  • [Size] 5 Gallon (20 L), diameter: 30cm, height: 25cm, large enough to allow deep, healthy root growth, prevent root coiling and improve the overall root structure, improve the survival rate
  • [Breathable & Drainage] Planting bags have good drainage and can drain excess water in time to prevent root rot, and are breathable to provide a good growing environment for plants
  • [Easy to Use] Stitched thickened nylon handles, sturdy and durable, easy to adjust the spacing and angle of plants to suit different plant habits, reducing the risk of transplant impact
  • [Wide Applications] Suitable for potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, aubergines, garlic, onions, fruit, flowers and other plants, for gardens, balconies, terraces and patios indoor and outdoor scene

Potato Grow Bag, 5 Pack 10 Gallon Plant Bags Breathable Garden Growing Bag Planting Tomato Fabric Pots with Strap Handles and Access Flap for Vegetables, Fruits, Home Grow Bag (Black)

  • 【Excellent Design】Made of thickened nonwoven fabric, heavy-duty and durable, not easy be broken like traditional ceramic and glass pots. Size: Diameter: 35cm (13.8 inches); Height: 40cm (15.8 inches). Prevents roots from circling and improve overall root structure,Decreased risk of transplant shock; Breathable fabric automatically percolate excess water, better than Plastic Containers. Package Contents: 5 x Grow Bags (10 Gallon).
  • 【Easy to Move and Operate】Built-in two reinforced handles that make these plant grow bags easy to move when filled with soil around the garden, balcony, greenhouse, sun room and any indoor/outdoor space. You can easily move and flip the lid to help you harvest potatoes without damaging the plants, easy to operate.
  • 【Easy to Harvest】 This new design plant grow bag not only meets the general planting needs, but also adds a visual window that can be opened and closed at any time. Through it you can not only check whether the plants are mature, but also easily harvest the fructification through this window.
  • 【Wide Application】The 10 Gallon pot container can be used into planting potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onions, basil, beans, apple trees, papaya trees, guava trees, flowers and so on. You can plant different plants according to your personal preferences.
  • 【Safe Planting & Reusable】The garden grow bags using environmental affinity materials, will not pollute the environment and affect the quality of vegetables. It can be folded and washable, easy to clean for yearly reuse. Also be used as storage bag to store the dirty clothes, pack the tools ect.

JBA Seed Potatoes 10 x Potato Planter Bags suitable for growing all Vegetables all year round 18"x12"x12" Has Drainage Holes and Carry Handles- By Jamieson Brothers

  • WHAT CAN BE GROWN IN PLANTER BAGS: Planter bags are well suited to most types of root crops such as Potatoes, Carrots, Radish & Beetroot. They can also be good for Strawberries, Lettuce & Kale. Most herbs will also grow well. Planters can be easily moved using the handles, which makes them ideal for patio & balcony growing and they can be moved indoor during colder frosty weather.
  • ADVANTAGES OF USING PLANTER BAGS: Planter bags are an easy way to add growing space. Jamieson Brothers quality planter bags are reusable and should last a few seasons. Gtowing in Planter bags prevents overwatering. Excess water drains through the fabric and prevents wet soil and roots. Our planter bags have handles for easy moving and drainage holes. Planter bags are easy to store when not in use. Clean them out by spraying off well, and then fold them up and let them dry.
  • HOW TO PLANT POTATOES IN PLANTER BAGS: We recommend layering the potatoes. Place 2 potatoes on 4" of compost at the bottom of the bag in a North-South, cover with another 4" of compost then place another 2 potatoes on top of this ina East-West direction, cover them with another 4" of compost. Once the shaws start to grow keep topping up with compost until 2" from the top of the bag.
  • WHY SHOULD I USE PLANTER BAGS: Many people use planter bags as it is a simple way to grow things almost anywhere. Just fill them with compost or soil, and you’re ready to go. Planter bag gardening is becoming a popular option for new gardeners and gardeners who are looking to add more space to their gardens or are short of space. Can be used on balconies and patios
  • ESTABLISHED IN SCOTLAND 1895: Jamieson Brothers were established in 1895 where we began selling our potatoes on a horse and cart. Nowadays we offer a range of gardening products for your every need, whether you’re a manufacturer growing vegetables at scale, growing vegetables at the allotment or garden for personal use, landscaping outdoor spaces or are a budding gardening hobbyist.

3 Pack Potato Grow Bags Vegetable Plant Growing Bags with Window Flap and Strap Handles Breathable Thickened Nonwoven Garden Planting Containers for Potato Tomato Carrot Vegetable Nursery (Mix color)

  • 【Healthy & Eco-friendly 】7 Gallons Potato growing bags made from eco-friendly thickening nonwoven fabric(EU standards),Its healthy for vegetables and environment. Moisture-proof, breathable, flexible non-woven fabric, the grow bag allows roots to breathe enough, prevent roots from circling and improve overall root structure. Allows the plants roots to breathe naturally and to grow healthily.
  • 【Clever & Flexible Design】Garden potato growing bags come with visualization flap window ability to quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and harvest them directly without having to dig in clay soil or damage plant! It also has the waterproof and transparent pocket to place card to record growth date and planting detail.
  • 【Reusable Use】Reusable Garden Planter Container When you cut the vegetable and continue watering, they will contain rooting. You can also repeat planting other vegetables after finishing one kind. Potato grow bags can easily be used for several seasons and not take up much space when storing.
  • 【Poratble and Foldable】Plant growing bags with thickened nylon handles with double stitching,durable and safe for moving the plant, decreased risk of transplant shock, easy to fold for storage. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor grow.
  • 【Scope Of Application】The grow bag are suitable for outdoor planting. Planting bag are ideal for patios, small gardens, sun rooms, and any outdoor space. They can be used to plant potato, taro, radish, carrots, onions, peanut and many other vegetables. But also be used as storage bag, such as put the dirty clothes, pack the tools and so on. It also widely used in balcony garden,greening works,home furnishings,home gardening,shopping malls,nursery nurturing and hotel,etc.

10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags-3 Packs, Heavy Duty Thickened Plant Growing bags UK for Tomatoes Carrot & Other Vegetables (Dark Green)

  • 3-pack plant growing bags: 3 packs in 35 × 45 cm (h×d) size make planting easier, which is big enough for you to use. 10 Gallon grow bags with large capacity allows you to grow whatever you want. The size is large enough to create a stable growing environment for veggies and flower.
  • Breathable fabric: High quality durable waterproof PE + 5% Anti-UV, lightweight and super sturdy. It also can prevent over watering and it can automatically percolate excess water. Provides an healthy environment for root plants.
  • Large Harvest Window: The potatoes grow bags has designed a visualization window that can be opened and closed, easier to breathe, easy to grow, through which you not only can check whether your plant is mature and you can easily harvest plants through the window without having to dig in soil.
  • Easy to Move: This garden grow pots have strong handles, make them easy to move around as your needs. Easy to Store and Reuse: The potatoes grow bag can be easily fold up and won't take up much space when storing.
  • Widely Use: These grow bags are suitable for indoor and outdoor planting and ideal for terraces, small gardens, balconies, sun rooms and any outdoor space. They can be used to grow potatoes, taro, radishes, carrots, onions, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, strawberries, zucchini and many other vegetables. Note: Our plant growing bags are not included seeds and soil, just growing bags.

Top brands growing bags – Bestselling and preferred by consumers in the UK

Our comparison of the top 10 products offers you the following benefits:

  • After a thorough inspection of the products, you will find a reasonable price!
  • When visiting the seller’s official website, you can read reviews from customers who bought the product!
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There aren’t many people in the UK who don’t have access to the Internet. And almost everyone uses it to do their research and check a few reviews before making their purchase. That’s why we at want you to make the right purchase decision and get the best quality for the price you pay.

Here you can find the best-selling products from online stores in the UK. Many customers who have bought them have appreciated them well because they are happy with the purchase.

6 Secret Grow Bag Techniques to Maximize Your Results

Comparison table

In the table, you will find a selection of the brands sold in stores such as Argos, B&Q, Homebase or Wickes. Besides being the best sellers, they are also the best rated compared to similar products in the same category.

On our page, you have the opportunity to compare different products from different categories. Through reviews and comments from other buyers, we can provide you with a lot of helpful information and help you find the best-selling product.

Here you will find a list of brands, the best products and a useful description for each product.

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In addition to comparing the opinions of the diggers, you can also search for reviews published on other websites on the web. No matter what review you are looking for, you will indeed find the information you need.

How to choose the best growing bag?

We have compiled a list of criteria that will help you make the best choice. It will also protect you from making bad decisions and big headaches, and buying problems.

Get your knowledge of buyers, friends and the Internet. Before you buy the products, you can be more informed and know all the best brands. For this purpose, read the sellers’ opinion, don’t forget to check both positive and negative comments.

How do people rate growing bag?

It has to be said that people can rate growing bag very well, but only if the product is worth it. As we said, you don’t just have to see decorative panels for a garden with a good rating and place an order. But having 5 stars doesn’t mean that this is your product. Of course, the amount of evaluations is also very important. Depending on the product you are looking to buy, this suggests a good quality product.

Always look at the number of different ratings. The better growing bag, the more positive will be the opinions and information about it.

Of course, with only a few reviews doesn’t mean that the product isn’t worth buying. It may just be a new model that hasn’t been on the market long enough. Here you need to look and check in more detail. Companies like Amazon, Argos, Homebase and B&Q offer an excellent opportunity to check all the reviews left days, months, even years ago. Testing is also possible, but in the following text, we will talk about our purchase guide.

What is the price of a good product?

You wouldn’t refuse to buy the best product at the best possible price. Of course, this also applies to the purchase of this product. Everything should always be affordable and not cause additional costs, but quality comes at a price.

Choosing a cheap product often turns out to be the more expensive option. That is why we strive to show the different prices for each item in the comparison table. With each product we show you, you will always find the current price, although this may vary depending on shipping costs and product variations.

Our advice is to be reasonable with your budget; the cheap one catches the eye but often doesn’t last long enough. Buying a good quality product will make you happier in the long run.

How was the comparison made?

The user experience offers us different opinions. If buyers or consumers, at first glance, misjudge the product, it means that they didn’t like it at all because the size, shape or even colour wasn’t suitable for them. However, these so-called 1-star reviews often contain only the frustration that the user has had.

Maybe they just made a bad purchase, and it just wasn’t suitable for their ideas. To avoid this, we always recommend that you read the reviews carefully. If not, go to your local Argos, B&Q or Homebase if you have this item in stock. There you can take a closer look and form an opinion. You will need to follow our advice and even talk to a consultant who can help you further in your wintering decision.

In the comparison table, there are also many ratings with 5 stars for excellent product quality. These customer reviews are a sign that they are pleased with their choice. Take a look at their reviews; you will find something about the quality of the product.

Ask questions

Before you buy growing bag, you need to clarify all the questions you have in advance. Comments from other buyers will help you, but you can also research forums on the subject or ask a direct question in Amazon, Argos or B&Q. Are there any other things to keep in mind besides the product details listed? Is the colour correct, as seen in the small image in the online store?

These are all questions that you, as a user, will surely ask yourself.


Naturally, manufacturers are striving to make a high turnover with their products. The more famous the brand, the better the products. But of course, many small and unknown brands offer good quality.

Here you need to pay attention to the additional purchase criteria.

Finally, of course, the price is also decisive. If the price isn’t simply proportional to the quality, it is advisable to look for another product.

With all this information, we hope you have found what you are looking for.

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