Don’t Miss Argos Offers on Garden Storage Boxes This Season

When it comes to landscaping and beautifying your yard, choosing the right storage is essential. Argos has a variety of storage boxes for gardens that can be used to store tools, toys, and garden cushions among others. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right garden storage box that will not only meet its intended use but also complement the garden décor.

Types of garden storage boxes available at Argos

  • Plastic Storage Boxes: Among the most popular products that can be found at Argos, plastic storage boxes are one of the most universal. These boxes are very strong and can easily endure the harsh weather conditions such as rain and sun, which are characteristic of the United Kingdom. They are portable, easy to relocate, and require little or no maintenance at all, which makes them suitable for holding items that are frequently used in the garden such as tools, toys, and ornaments among others.
  • Wooden Storage Boxes: Wooden storage boxes are also ideal for those who do not want to have a very flashy look in their rooms. These boxes are perfect for the garden and blend in well with the surrounding environment while giving a rustic feel. Apart from the beauty of the wooden boxes, they are strong and can accommodate larger items as compared to the plastic ones. They need some care, for example, they may need to be stained or sealed from time to time to keep them in good shape. Argos offers a wide range of wooden solutions, all of which are aimed at making your garden even more beautiful.
  • Metal Storage Boxes: When it comes to security and sturdiness, metal storage boxes are the best to go for. These units are very strong and guard against theft and rodents getting into your car. Many metal boxes are designed with lockable compartments, which makes them perfect for storing expensive tools or chemicals that should not be accessed by children or pets. Argos has several metal designs available, all of which are built to last and provide security.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Storage Box at Argos

  • Size and Capacity: The size is important to choose. Argos provides garden storage boxes in different sizes, which can accommodate minor tools and accessories, major tools and other accessories, furniture cushions, and even bulky gardening equipment. Before making a decision, it is important to measure the space available and determine what items are to be stored.
  • Security Features: In case of security, one should consider boxes with lids that can be locked or structures that are reinforced. These features help to secure your property against theft and also against wildlife and pets. Security is a major concern for Argos, which provides a wide range of models with improved security systems.
  • Weather Resistance: Since the climate in the UK is usually unpredictable, it is crucial to choose a storage box that is weatherproof. Search for options that provide protection from UV rays to avoid fading and are durable enough to withstand moisture and pests. Argos has a variety of products that are designed to withstand the elements of the garden depending on the conditions.
  • Ease of Access: Think about how often you will use the storage box. Features such as the gas-lift lids that allow for easy opening and closing of the freezer or models with front doors mean that you will not struggle to get your items. Argos makes sure that every product line has features that make it easy to use and easily accessible.

What’s Trending in Storage Boxes at Morrisons This Year?

Alternatives available on Amazon


Keter Marvel+ 270L Outdoor 65% recycled Garden Furniture Storage Box Graphite Wood Panel Effect |...

  • Ideal outdoor garden storage box for garden tools and equipment, garden furniture cushions, garden games and accessories
  • Decorative wood panel-style finishing with 71G capacity keeping all items ventilated and dry
  • Built-in handles for convenient portability and can comfortably seats two adults
  • Made of durable, weatherproof, maintenance and fade-free and 65% recycled resin
  • Assembled external dimensions: 116.7 x 44.7 x 57 cm (L x W x H); Internal dimensions: 114.4 x 40 x 51.2 cm (L x W x H)

Keter City 113L Outdoor 96% recycled Small Balcony Garden Furniture Storage Box Grey Wood Panel...

  • Ideal outdoor garden storage box for garden tools and equipment, garden furniture cushions, garden games and accessories
  • Decorative wood effect panelled style with 113 L capacity keeping all ventilated and dry
  • Perfect for balconies and small areas and ready to use in just 5 minutes
  • Made of durable, weatherproof, maintenance and fade-free and 96% recycled resin
  • Assembled external dimensions: 57.8 x 44 x 55 cm (L x W x H); Internal dimensions: 57.7 x 41.6 x 51.6 cm (L x W x H)

Keter 250001 Store It Out Pro Outdoor Storage Shed, 145.5 x 82 x 123cm Beige/Brown

  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for garden tools, equipment and x2 240 L wheelie bins
  • Elegant wood effect panels with a piston-assisted lid and wide opening doors and a 1200 L capacity
  • Heavy-duty floor with main door bolt and secondary foot bolt for secure closure
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant and maintenance fade-free resin
  • Assembled external dimensions: 145.5 x 82 x 123 cm (L x W x H); internal dimensions: 132 x 76 x 110 cm (L x W x H)

SunTime Ontario 190L Outdoor Plastic Garden Furniture Storage Box With Strapped Lid, 96 x 45 x 49cm...

  • Ideal for both indoor & outdoor use, perfect for storing garden tools, furniture cushions and other accessories.
  • Built in side handles for easy relocating, includes a locking mechanism to keep your items safe.
  • Weightless, easy open and close strapped lid design.
  • Strong, durable & sturdy, suitable for various storage purposes.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 96x45x49cm, Capacity: 190L

Keter Store It Out Nova Outdoor Garden Furniture Storage Shed Light Grey with Dark Grey Lid | Fade...

  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for garden tools and equipment, BBQ and accessories and x2 120L wheelie bins.
  • Elegant wood effect panels that opens from the top or the front and with a lockable feature for secure closure.
  • Heavy-duty floor with built-in support for shelving and 880 L capacity.
  • Keter Store it Out Nova Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 132 x 71.5 x 113.5 cm, Light Grey with Dark Grey Lid.
  • Assembled dimensions: 132 x 71.5 x 113.5 cm (L x W x H) ; internal dimensions: 122 x 61 x 108.8 cm (L x W x H).

idooka Large Garden Storage Box with Lid 336L - Water Resistant Plastic Lockable w/Wheels Furniture...

  • Extra Large Garden Storage Box: With a 336 litre storage capacity, an idooka grey storage box is able to hold anything from bike...
  • Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Box: This plastic garden storage box is made from a water resistant and UV resistant material, so its...
  • Securely Lockable Box: Made from durable fade-resistant resin, the lockable hinged lid (padlock not included) keeps your valuables...
  • Smart Storage Solutions: The idooka outdoor storage containers are fitted with wheels to allow you to move them around with ease, while...
  • Easy Assembly Outside Storage: These deck boxes clip together easily for a quick and hassle-free setup.

URBNLIVING Anthracite 190L Wood Design Outdoor Storage Box Garden Patio Plastic Chest Lid...

  • Capacity: 190L
  • Easy Assembly (No Extra Tools Required)
  • Built In Loop For A Padlock
  • Lightweight & Waterproof
  • Dimensions (mm HxWxD): 190L - 550x780x438

URBNLIVING 280L Vertical Line Wood Design Weatherproof Outdoor Patio Balcony Garden Storage Box...

  • Anthracite Garden Storage Box - Wood Design
  • Easy Assembly (No Extra Tools Required)
  • Built In Loop For A Padlock
  • Lightweight & Waterproof
  • Available In 2 Colours

Outdoor Garden Store 322L GN200


CHRISTOW Waterproof Garden Storage Box With Lockable Lid, Plastic Wood Effect Outdoor Storage Box,...

  • 190-LITRE STORAGE BOX FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Keep your outdoor essentials safely stored away in this Waterproof Storage Box from...
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT FOR ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Whatever the weather, you can be sure that your outdoor essentials are dry, safe and...
  • REINFORCED LID WITH ALUMINIUM SLIDING LIFTS: Whereas most outdoor storage boxes are fitted with flimsy plastic hinges, our storage box...
  • ATTRACTIVE WOOD GRAIN EFFECT & EASY-GRIP HANDLES: The storage box is available in a range of colours with an attractive woodgrain...
  • PLEASE NOTE: The storage box SHOULD NEVER be used as a bench for sitting. It should only ever be used for storage. No tools are...

Aesthetic and Integration into Garden Decor

Storage boxes are not only practical; they can also become a design feature of your garden. Select a design that will harmonize with the furniture and the general theme of your garden. Whether you want to make a statement with a vibrant hue or prefer a more muted shade that will help you blend into your surroundings, Argos has something for everyone.

Extra Products and Improvements at Argos

To enhance the versatility of the garden storage box, you should look for models that have internal shelves or divisions. These can assist in arranging small items in a better way so that they can be easily located when required. Some boxes also have options for padlocks or built-in locks to ensure the security of the items inside the box. Argos’ range of accessories and enhancements are diverse and can be customized depending on the requirements of the storage space.


Selecting the appropriate storage box for your garden at Argos can go a long way in determining the efficiency and aesthetics of your garden. By taking into account the kind of items that you intend to store, the level of security that is needed, and how the box will blend in with the rest of your garden, you will be able to find the right solution that will suit your needs. This season, you can use the chance to arrange and decorate your garden with the perfect storage box from Argos and make your garden as practical as it is beautiful. When you choose Argos, you are assured of getting a storage unit that is not only functional but also adds value to the aesthetics of your garden.

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